Current Campaign

Sponsor a dog


There are hundreds, even thousands of animal lovers in the country. At the time of writing, MDDB is proud to have 88,000+ loyal supporters (and growing) on social media!

We know that many people would jump at the chance to adopt and care for a dog, but circumstances and timing may not always be conducive. 

This is why the MDDB Sponsorship Programme was created.

All sponsor one-off or monthly contributions will go towards mainly food and medical care for our family of furkids. 

How much are we talking here?

Each dog in our care is fed rice, and a mixture of cooked chicken breast and liver. Bulk purchasing this gives us some savings, but at the end of the day it still comes down to a baseline cost per dog, per month.

To sustain dogs like Johnny here (right), each month translates to about RM60 per dog. 

Medical costs vary widely, depending on the severity of the injuries that some dogs come to us with. Thankfully, our panel of trusted and incredibly generous veterinary clinics help us by administering critical treatment upfront, and at a discount.

Hence, we need your help to continue providing a safe, comfortable space for our dogs; and also to acknowledge and honour the kindness of our vets.


If 10% of our social media supporters were able to commit RM10 every month, we would be able to not just sustain, but expand MDDB's positive impact.

This can only happen with your help!


Johnny chilling out The victim of an unfortunate accident where his paw got crushed by a passing car as a puppy, he now lives his days with his other MDDB friends. You could be his next sponsor!