Adopt your next best friend.


Getting a dog isn't just about getting a 'pet', he or she will be an addition to your family. 

One of MDDB's missions is to match these dogs with families who are ready to giving them a chance at a life filled with love and care.

Remember, this is a long term commitment - we're talking anywhere from 10-15 years for adorable pups, or 5-8 years for adult dogs! 

Of course, timing may not be ideal for you right now - with other family or work commitments that would definitely take priority.

Fret not, because you can still contribute by sponsoring one of our furkids over on the sponsorship page! 

If you are ready to grow your family by 1 (or 2, or 3) then we would love to find you your next confidant, running buddy, and bark (and poop) machine!

To try and find the best match for your family, we would really appreciate if you could complete our adoption questionnaire.

This set of 10 questions will try to figure things out, like:

What kind of lifestyle do you live?

A very active person will do better with an active dog. This could be a younger dog, or perhaps an adult dog with higher energy levels. On the flipside, if the primary caretaker is going to be someone a little older, a calmer dog will be a more appropriate fit.

Do you have any prior experience with dogs?

For someone who's never had dogs before, this may be a daunting task. A slightly more mature dog with some basic training will wreak less havoc in the house. (eg. knowing where to pee!) 

Conversely, if you're already a dog whisperer, then you already know the fulfilment that comes with molding a young dog is without equal! 


This is Rita. A calm and sweet girl, looking for her forever home. 
She will be better suited to a single-dog household, and is child friendly!